Roundtrip South Africa

Dear community,

In 2022 I visited South Africa for the first time. Unfortunately, I did not have the time to see so much more of your stunningly beautiful country.

This year I have the chance to visit South Africa again and on this trip, I will take the time 😉

My plan is to travel from Capetown to Krugerpark and back, to see as much of South Africa as possible! The Garden route, Panoramic route, Plettenbergbaai, Krugerpark, etc. are already on my wishlist.

I will stay at B&B's/lodges/etc. and I also want to camp in the bush and other beautiful places on this roundtrip. My plan is to rent a car or a van that drives easy and has a possibility to sleep in and fix some coffee and food.

My schedule

  • 4-13 August - In/around Capetown/Bhodi Khaya
  • Grand tour South Africa for 5 weeks
    (start around 14 August, back in Capetown 18/20 September)
  • 18/20-26 September - In/around Capetown

What I want to experience

  • Wildlife
    Kruger Park is on my list and I love to have advice/tips on great ways to experience wildlife in other parts of South Africa. I would love to spot whales, so Plettenbergbaai will definitely be one of my stops


  • History/culture
    I am very interested in the history of the Dutch sailors and want to learn more on the connection between The Netherlands and South Africa. Also I want to learn about the history and the culture of South Africa. What would be places/musea for me to visit?


  • Transport
    I am looking for a car /van /4x4 that drives easy (up mountains, small roads,etc). A big RV/motorhome is nice for sleeping/cooking, but not the size I'm looking for. I will stay at B&B's/lodges/etc. and I also would like to camp in the bush and other beautiful off-grid places. Therefor I am looking for a car/van where I can sleep in and fix some food/coffee (start around 14 August, back in Capetown 18/20 September)

    I looked online, but prices and choices overwhelm me a little bit. Maybe you have some great tips/contacts to share?

  • Hidden gems / places to stay

    As a tourist you visit the highlights, where the locals know their country the best 😉
    So please share me your advice on must-sees, hidden gems, unique B&B's?

  • Concerts, ceremonies, festivals, places to make music

    I will bring my guitar and would love to create/sing/play with other musicians. I am also interested in concerts, ceremonies and festivals.


When you have tips/advice/suggestions for my roundtrip and/or you would like to meet up, please let me know!

You can contact me on:

I am sooooo looking forward to this trip and welcome all advice!! 🙂

Byvoorbaat dankie!